Serving Chronic Need

A strong, motivating principle of Hope Force is that each individual is of significant worth. We call this “the value of one”; one man, woman, family or community.  As it relates to our focus of serving people trapped in chronic pre-existing need, we seek to bring as much good as we can to influence those circumstances within our scope of capacity. 

Our efforts are tailored to the need of the individual or community and our ability to provide assistance.  Our focus is to intervene on behalf of those without the inherent capacity to overcome their problem without outside help.  This is often the elderly, physically disabled, widows, single parents, etc. Services take the form of home repair and restoration, healthcare (outside the USA) and emotional and spiritual care.



When a disaster strikes a community with chronic pre-existing conditions, such as generational poverty for instance, the challenges grow exponentially.  Adding a disaster to these pre-existing conditions could inhibit rebuilding — or even basic recovery efforts.  When chronic pre-existing conditions are exacerbated by a disaster, Hope Force’s disaster response may develop organically into serving chronic need on a long-term basis.  This often happens when the conditions warrant, and the relationships are built.

We currently serve chronic needs in the following places:

  • Nepal
  • Haiti
  • Applachia - West Virginia
  • Mexico




Hope Force International initially responded to the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal by sending emergency medical teams. We continue to send medical and construction teams on a regular basis.

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Hope Force's involvement with Haiti began in the 2010 earthquake that killed 230,000 people. It has evolved into a deep and meaningful relationship. We have a long term presence located at the epicenter of the quake.  There are ongoing opportunities to be involved with us in Haiti. 

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Hope Force Appalachia endeavors to alleviate the effects of systemic and generational poverty in McDowell County, WV. It is a place that is filled with beauty, not only in the landscape but more so in the people who call it home. Find out how you can join us in making a world of difference.

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Hope Force International has had a long-term presence in Mexico, responding to many different disasters and chronic, pre-existing need.

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