Disaster Response

Hope Force International is a faith-based disaster response organization that is dedicated to providing help and hope to survivors of disasters. We empower willing responders who are motivated by the suffering of others and want to engage in easing their pain and loss. Hope Force provides a pathway that connects the needs of survivors with those who are looking for ways to help. 

The nature of disaster response can be grueling, with responders often facing very long hours each day, while serving individuals who have experienced tremendous loss and suffering. If an individual desires to become an HFI Reservist, he or she must be personally prepared at every level. Learning to give appropriate care to others and to oneself is of utmost importance.

Hope Force offers both online and in-person Reservist training.  This training is required to be approved as a Hope Force Reservist, eligible for rapid deployment within 24 to 48 hours of a disaster event.  Our vision is to equip and empower willing responders to serve in immediate aftermath and recovery efforts, whenever and wherever disaster strikes. Hope Force Reservist training focuses on preparing an individual for the arduous task of a disaster responder.

"Serving with Hope Force has been the most physically demanding work I have ever done, but the most spiritually rewarding."
Sarah Slaven 


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The HFI Reservist is eligible for deployment at any time during the relief effort, from the immediate aftermath to weeks and months after the initial event. For example, HFI had Reservists on the ground within 48 hours of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall; several years later we were still deploying Reservists and volunteers throughout the recovery phase. In addition, there are often vital support functions that must be carried out at our various office locations in order to mount an effective response. Administrative support is a critical need, especially in the immediate aftermath of a disaster event, and one for which a trained Hope Force Reservist may be well suited.


What We Do

Hope Force endeavors to become a leading volunteer response force, bringing hope to those affected by crisis or disaster.

How We Decide

We believe that there is nothing more powerful than the compassionate actions of a well-prepared volunteer who desires to reflect the love and compassionate nature of Jesus to hurting people.



Whether it be physical labor or specialized skills, your work as a volunteer can happen in many ways to further our mission of serving those in need. We have opportunities for every skill level.  For example, not everyone can be on the roof, we also need capable hands on the ground to make the tarping go more effeciently. 

Emotional Spiritual care

We have a growing cadre of Chaplains and Emotional Spiritual Care workers among our Reservists, who provide that needed listening ear and spiritual touch as our teams muck out houses, repair roofs and rebuild homes. These volunteers participate in additonal training programs that specifically equip them for this purpose.

Other Needs

In addition to physical labor, we need people with lots of other gifts and passions. We look for people who:

  • have the gift of hospitality and can cook and coordinate meals
  • are detail oriented and can perform administrative duties 
  • take photos and video and understand the impact these make in social media

Everyone has a gift to share. What is yours?


Make a Difference

Come join us and make a world of difference!

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See our current operations across the globe and learn more about the ongoing support our teams are providing for those in need.

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Oasis of Hope

Through a generous donation, HFI has acquired a spacious 4,200 square foot, steel-framed tent, dedicated to assisting in the process of meeting the emotional, practical, relational and spiritual needs of disaster survivors. The Oasis of Hope will help to re-establish community providing a gathering place where information can be obtained and given a sense of belonging restored.

Stories from the field

Here are stories about what’s currently happening and your best way to stay in-the-know of our efforts to help those in need.