In-Person Training 

HFI trains volunteers in advance so they are prepared and allowed to respond, often in restricted areas, when disaster strikes.

Training Pathway and Opportunities

HFI Reservist training is held throughout the year in various locations across North America. Our vision is to equip and empower willing responders to serve in immediate aftermath and recovery efforts, whenever and wherever disaster strikes. Hope Force Reservist training focuses on preparing an individual for the arduous task of a disaster responder.

The nature of disaster response can be grueling, with responders often facing very long hours each day, while serving individuals who have experienced tremendous loss and suffering. If an individual desires to become an HFI Reservist, he or she must be personally prepared at every level. Learning to give appropriate care to others and to oneself is of utmost importance.

The HFI Disaster Response Training Intensive consists of two days of preparation for domestic service with HFI. This training is required to be qualified as a Hope Force Reservist - eligible for rapid employment - often within 24-48 hours following a disaster event. The training consists of live speakers, as well as teaching filmed exclusively for Hope Force.

The program covers the following topics to prepare the Reservist for the spiritual and practical dynamics of disaster response:

  • Identity in Christ for the disaster responder
  • Foundations of emotional and spiritual care (ESC)
  • Maintaining healthy and cohesive relationships on deployment
  • Team-building and conflict resolution
  • Core principles for effective ministry
  • How to be appropriate caregivers
  • What to expect when responding
  • Disaster response principles

Upon successful completion of the training, graduates will be certified as Hope Force Reservists.  To register for the training, please click on the link below or for more information, email

Date:  May 20-21, 2022  (Friday/Saturday)      

Venue:   City Hill Church
             12901 Roberts Dr
             Eden Prairie, MN   55346

Registration cost: $125 per person

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Additional 2022 training dates and venues will be posted once they are confirmed.  We also plan to have an online training available in the first half of 2022.

We are excited to offer the following in person training dates below:

Date:  TBD

Venue:   TBD

For more information, email

Additional 2023 training dates and venues will be posted once they are confirmed.  


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Below are additional training resources for our reservists and volunteers.  



Extended Training & Preparedness

We strongly recommend that all Reservists take First-Aid/CPR. Most cities or communities around the country provide for their citizens in these basic skills. Hope Force also recommends at least two designated Salvation Army* courses following the HFI Training Intensive course.


Additional training and valuable information is located on the on the From the Field Page on our website. 

* HFI and the Salvation Army have been national partners since 2005, and often work together across the United States and at times, internationally.

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