Child Sponsorship FAQs


The Child Sponsorship Programs has rapidly developed into the cornerstone of HFI’s outreach in our village in Haiti.

What are the goals of the Child Sponsorship Program?

Education is a top priority of the program.  Education is not free in Haiti. This presents a great dilemma for many families when they need to choose between feeding their family or sending their child to school.  School usually losses in those situations.  By providing the funds for the annual school fees, books, uniform and supplies, a family does not have to make those difficult decisions.   Many families have multiple children and helping to cover one child increases the chances that others in the family will be able to attend school.


How many families are you helping?

Currently we have 212 children in the program.  Our waiting list for sponsors is never ending with daily requests for a child to be added. 

What does the sponsorship pledge of $34/month cover?

  • Education: School fees, uniforms, and supplies.
  • A Monthly Food Distribution: Rice, “manna packs”, oil and other basic items benefiting the whole family.
  • Educational and Health Programing: community health clinic, vacation bible school, caregivers’ programs and much more provided by visiting teams.
  • Program execution: communications, transportation, translation, and administration.

What is the duration of the Child Sponsorship Program?

We ask that each sponsor makes an annual commitment to support a child. 

Are there additional costs?

Our annual Christmas celebration has become a highlight for the children and their families.  Those who wish to provide a small gift package for their sponsored child are asked to send in $25 to cover the cost.  This is optional and never required.  In the past the gift bags have included clothing, underwear, a small gift such as a doll or soccer ball, hygiene times and art supplies.  We have also been able to provide families with gifts that have ranged from a chicken to a solar powered light. 

How am I sure that my sponsored child received their support?

We have an in-country team to directly manage and oversee the distribution of goods, services and funding.  This team works in collaboration with village leadership and has established a very good system for ensuring that supplies and resources are distributed to the correct families each month. 

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Absolutely!  We continue to have families request that we sponsor a child.

I am unable to give $34 a month – can I still help?

Our child sponsorship program is a great way for families and churches to pitch in together. Finding a family member or friend who can collectively sponsor one child is a great way to participate.  We have three sisters that sponsor a child instead of exchanging Christmas gifts and three churches that support multiple children through donations from their members.  You can be as creative as needed.

Am I able to communicate or visit my sponsored child?

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing we are unable to send teams to visit because of safety concerns.  In the past, many have visited and fallen in love not only with their sponsored child but the beautiful people of Haiti.  Hopefully this situation will improve, and we can again offer opportunities to visit.

The mail system is virtually non-existent between Haiti and the United States, e in the past have relied on visiting teams to carry our correspondence.  Although this is not possible at this time, we continue to be able to provide opportunities to correspond with your child through emails and other opportunities.  You will be notified when we are able to send a note, photo, or card.  Our in-country staff handles all necessary translations. 

How can I find out more?

Please contact for any questions that you might have.  We look forward to sharing our excitement about the program and it benefits to all. 

Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity.  It is a meaningful outreach that changes lives. 

If you would like to sponsor a child in Haiti today, please click here to make a pledge.

It is a wonderful outreach for individuals, families, and church groups. If you would like to sponsor a child in Haiti today, please click here to make a pledge.  

Make the Pledge

For almost $1.20 USD a day, you can partner with Hope Force in our village by sponsoring a child in Haiti.


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