Online Training

Hope Force Reservist training is now available through our online training program


The Hope Force online training course was created to make training available to everyone — no matter where they live, what their schedule is like… or even if there is a global pandemic. We understand that attending in-person training requires a significant investment of time and resources, making it difficult for many to participate. Our online training provides the valuable insights, principles and fundamentals necessary to becoming an effective responder. Upon successful completion of the course and with a clear background check, you will become a certified Hope Force Reservist  eligible for deployment.

Online Training Experience

Participants will have a front row seat through viewing actual disaster footage and experience a series of discussions with the founders of Hope Force International and other highly experienced disaster response experts.  These veteran responders discuss insights, principles, practices, and lessons from the field that will help people become an effective and appropriate disaster responder.  Participants will also hear from volunteers and survivors as they share the impact of coming to the aid of people after a disaster.  This indelible impact is experienced not only by the survivor, but the responder as well.  Finally, they’ll learn “how things work”; the decision to respond, the scope of work, how to get involved and the tools for becoming an effective responder.

The entire course consists of approximately 9.5 hours of interactive content, videos, and teaching filmed exclusively for Hope Force. The cost of the training is $49 and can be done at your own pace within a 90-day period.  Participation in this course requires watching videos, taking notes and completing questions to advance forward. You will need to complete all of the videos and answer all of the questions through each session. 

Online Training Testimonials

I would recommend this course. It keeps the interest; it is done like a fireside chat, and it encompasses all needed areas without being really long-winded.

Sparky W.

“I loved the testimonies of the people helped by Hope Force.”

Catherine B. 

“I liked it all. Very well done.”

Dan C.

“I think seeing the vulnerability of Jack and Cherie as they work through this is a highlight and shows real and authentic people.... These are people like me.”

Dan K.

It is excellent. I really enjoyed it and I think it will prepare people for deployment. I loved all of the real life examples.

Chasity D.

“Overall I found this training material to be amazing. It was comprehensive, informative, and enlightening.”

John G.

Want more? 

Below are additional training resources for our reservists and volunteers.  



Extended Training & Preparedness

We strongly recommend that all Reservists take First-Aid/CPR. Most cities or communities around the country provide for their citizens in these basic skills. Hope Force also recommends at least two designated Salvation Army* courses following the HFI Training Intensive course.


Additional training and valuable information is located on the on the From the Field Page on our website. 

* HFI and the Salvation Army have been national partners since 2005, and often work together across the United States and at times, internationally.

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