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California Fires

The fires that have ravaged California do more than destroy homes — they devastate lives and annihilate memories. A home engulfed in flames leaves few precious tokens of the life and times of those who lived there.

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Response to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is in desperate need of help. Their situation is compounded by the fatigue of responding agencies, government and ministries.

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Response to Mexico Earthquakes

Within hours of the September 19th tragic earthquake striking Mexico, a group of Mexican Hope Force International (HFI) Reservists arrived at the scene of devastatio...

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Your Gift In Action

Any gift will help us respond to a disaster event, build capacity and expand that pathway of service for many. Join us as we put our love and faith into compassionate action!

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Meet Hope Force

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Summer Newsletter

Our world needs to experience kindness as an antidote to the unseemly agitation and division that is so rife in our society.

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Throughout history, the failure to cope with natural disasters has produced devastating consequences, from countless lives lost to ruined homes, businesses and economies. Tragically, it is often the poorest of the poor who are the most vulnerable. Around the world over 60 million people a year are affected by disasters and crisis. 

As never before, trained disaster responders are needed to walk sensitively and appropriately alongside those affected by crisis. Hope Force International (HFI) is a Christian response to disaster events that surround us at home and abroad, reaching out to those who experience suffering and loss. Read more about us »

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