Current Programs

Haiti Long-Term Earthquake Recovery

Haiti's earthquake galvanized the world to reach out to a nation suffering from untold destruction. Hope Force International had personnel on the ground shortly after the disaster and remains committed to Haiti. Teams have provided disaster tents for the village of Sous Savanne and are currently conducting a Child Sponsorship Program in addition to assessing future projects. Read More » 

Oasis of Hope

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, survivors are often disoriented, disorganized, overwhelmed and uninformed. Their lives and surroundings suffer the dark after-effects of chaos and shock. What is desperately needed is an "Oasis of Hope" - a specific location where food and hydration, information, caregiving and light can be extended in a comfroting atmosphere, helping to dispel the shadowy gloom of disaster and despair. Read More »

Appalachia Outreach

Hope Force has a commitment to the Appalachian region of the US, one of the clearest examples of hidden poor in our country. With the help of Reservists and volunteers, Hope Force continues to assist families in creating dry and safe dwellings. Participants and projects invest in life-skills and a sense of personal worth in beneficiaries.  Read More »